My Love for Animals

When my mother gave me a doll for Christmas one year, I cut off its blond hair and glued it to the neck of my plastic horse so it would be warm over the chilly winter. I was an animal lover from birth and have had literally thousands of different pets over the years – horses, ponies, dogs, cats, bunnies, fish, birds, you name it. Right now my horse, Dallas, an Arabian I have had fifteen years since she was a baby, lives in the barn at my house. I am ruled by a fluffy white Akbash dog named Sufi, and a cat I adore. Strangely, cats are the one animal I have never been extremely fond of until Kitty came into my life two years ago. I also have a mountainside full of birds, raptors, elk, moose, bear, coyotes, foxes (both a red fox and a silver fox), bald eagles, Great Grey Owls, mountain lions, and wolves out the back door.

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