About Nanci

Thank you for stopping by. I am an author of literature for middle grade kids, but a lot of adults love my books, too. I write realistic fiction about things that matter. Real things that happen to people like you and me. I don’t shy away from subjects that are sensitive, that might make you laugh a little too loud, or grab a tissue to wipe away a tear. I write books about real-life stuff, with characters who are like you and me, in places you will find familiar even if you’ve never been there yourself. And, of course, there are always lots of animals and trees.

I am represented by Al Zuckerman, the founder of Writers House.

In addition to writing books, I am the Director of Education for Off Square Theatre Company; I run the JH Writers Almost Authors Writing Camps for Kids every summer; I lead a parent-daughter book club through St. John’s Episcopal Church; and I am on the Board of Directors of the Jackson Hole Writers Conference.

Fun Facts

  • I come from a sibship of six, which means I have five brothers and sisters
  • I grew up in Connecticut, England, and Texas
  • I fell in the Thames River when I was two
  • I got lost on an elevator on the Queen Elizabeth II ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean when I was 5
  • My favorites days in school were Book Fair Day and Field Day
  • I am happiest riding up a mountain with my horse and my dog, or sitting on the couch squished between my two sons watching a football game
  • I can name almost every wildflower that grows in the Bridger-Teton National Forest behind my house
  • My favorite tree is an aspen.
  • My favorite flowers are lisianthus, lilac, and lupine.
  • I used to have a job counting crickets for customers who fed them to their reptiles
  • I love to smell antique books
  • I am afraid of water, heights, snakes and lawnmowers
  • I have overcome many challenges in my life, including a learning disability and an eating disorder, to live my dream of becoming an author.