Author Visits

As one of those authors whose soul is fed by inspiring children and adults to imagine, to create, to believe in themselves ~ I can’t wait to see you!

I am currently booking all new, in-person school visits for the 2021-2022 school year! I also have a robust virtual program if that is more suited to your needs.

Additionally, my week long residency program can be adjusted for in-person or virtual.

Combining my theatre background, plus my passion for writing and lifting up those who don’t believe they can achieve what they want to do, I offer a host of exciting new programs which can be customized to your school’s curriculum, making our time together your dream author visit. See specific package and pricing information below.

“Nanci Turner Steveson’s visit to Morse Pond School was beyond compare! She brought a message of hope and light, connecting with students through her engaging presentation. She started by garnering the students’ attention in an interactive way, bringing them all to their feet and participating in a rousing, movement-filled activity. Then, she continued by validating that each and every student has a story that is important, making sure to connect with her captive audience through eye-contact and continued interaction. She shared information about her life and her stories in a way that many students found relatable. The students sat rapt, hanging on her every word and watching the accompanying visual presentation. Her books in the library soared off the shelves from student and teacher interest. Even more touching were the interactions with students and staff afterwords. One young boy who has struggled with reading and writing returned to class after attending the presentation to open up his writing journal and tell his teacher that he finally feels like he can write. Countless students told families members about her visit and how they were so happy to hear of someone like them who is now living her dream. It gave so many students hope, regardless of what they struggle with both in and out of school. I would highly recommend Nanci’s author visit to any school, and hope that one day she will be able to return to Morse Pond to inspire another generation of readers, writers and pursuers of dreams!” —Elizabeth Abbott, Morse Pond School Librarian

For detailed information on my limited, 2021/2022 in-person school visits, please contact me here:  In-Person At Last!

Virtual Author Presentations & Fees

Short Author Chat, Book and Writing Discussion, plus Q&A

45-50 Minutes  Kids favorite! Getting to know an author on a personal level is inspiring and educational!  $99

Class Workshops

Focused on topics of your choice: variety of writing craft workshops or learning about research, the author’s journey, facing creative challenges and turning them into opportunities, finding your voice as a writer, a glimpse into the world of publishing from an author’s perspective, and more! 50 minute live program includes writing exercises and Q&A  $225

Full Day Mini-Workshops

As above up to three, 50 minute virtual workshops customized for your schools needs. If multiple grades are joining together for visits they should be grouped as follows: K-2; grades 3 & 4; grades 5 & 6; grades 7 & 8; grades 9-12. Optional lunch with the author for book club students or those chosen by the school for special occasion. Discounted rate of $650 for this full day program.

Weeklong Virtual Residency Program.

Let’s spend the week together and get creative!

Each day begins with a 5 minute glimpse into an author’s writing life, then and now. This includes photos of where I live, my early works starting from age nine, my discouraging report cards, sharing information about how I overcame many challenges — including a learning disability — to live my dream of becoming an author. I’ll share pictures of the early stages of my books’ development including a rare glimpse of communications between myself and my editor, and the progression of the cover designs, photos of my animals (of course!), and my non-profit, The Literacy for Hope Project, which gets books into homeless shelters for both adults and children. This live “getting to know you” intro is followed by a 30 minute workshop which includes writing exercises, followed by a 20 minute Q&A.

Monday: Let’s Get Cracking! Pairing Craft with Creativity (otherwise known as What’s a Plot, Anyway?)

Tuesday: Sizzle Up That Saddle! All those secret tricks that make your words simmer on the page (active writing, snappy dialogue, show versus tell, and micro-tension).

Wednesday: Creating Characters We Care About!  ‘Nuff said.

Thursday: World Building 101—Breathing life into your settings so they come alive on the page.

Friday: Spit, Polish and Shine! Revision techniques you’ve never tried before, and ice cream!

Teachers will also receive:

  • 5 Visual writing prompts (downloadable) to help your student’s muse fly!
  • Daily writing assignments (aka: homework) pertaining to each session
  • 30 signed bookmarks
  • 2 copies of one of my books donated to the children’s homeless shelter of your choice in honor of your class or school
  • Option to purchase signed copies of my books from my local independent bookstore. I will provide an order form.
  • Weeklong residency program is $1600 (discount for Title I schools and those that have purchased class sets of one of my books).

Free 20 Minute Q&A

For book clubs, classrooms or groups who have read one of my books, these free visits are available on a limited basis. Please Contact Me Here for more information.

Creative ways to fund an author visit:

  • Crowdfunding is a popular way to raise money through organizations such as Donors Choose. I give monthly to this for teachers who want to raise money for books and author visits to enhance their students experience.
  • Most states have artist grants available either through your state arts organization, or state libraries.
  • Buy copies of an author’s books in bulk and sell before or during the visit and use the profits to fund the visit.
  • Local public libraries often have funding available to bring authors into your classroom.

Grant Opportunities

“Every day, students have mentioned something from your presentation that has impacted them. Even the teachers have been pulling highlights. It was so powerful!” —Julia Tyser, Beitel Elementary School

“Nanci has a wonderful rapport with children. She was engaging, entertaining, knowledgeable, and had the room completely under control at all times. I’ve had glowing reports from students and teachers alike.” —Twila Pilcher CLSS, Hulett School Librarian

“Nanci Turner Steveson presents a fabulous writing workshop. She connects with students immediately, engages them with movement and dance, and shares her own writing experience in a way that children can understand. After Nanci’s workshop, my students were excited about writing and better understood how authors get ideas and develop meaningful stories and characters.” —Kathy Bjornstead, Sundance Elementary School Librarian