All My Pretty Ponies!

Why a page of horse pictures on an author web site? Because before I was an author, before almost anything else in my life, I was a horse-girl. Still am. My kitchen has halters on the counter, my shirts have horses on them, my boots are dusty from the paddock, and I probably have a bit of hay in my hair. These are a few of the horses I have loved. Send me an email and tell me about yours!

Lorelei and me, Houston, 1972

Dallas on top of Munger Mt

Javier ridiing Lyric to a  Championship

Nancy (with a "y") and Leap of Faith

Sonnet, my mustang adopted from the wild in Oregon before she got cleaned up.

Tugboat, the pony of my heart

ReLeila and colt, Texas, 1982

Dallas at my friend Kate's farm in Maryland. 

Fancy clipping on Tugboat's hindquarter. 

Dallas at home with her companion, Sweetpea, followed by my dog, Story.

Dallas taking a break on top of Munger Mountain.

This is what the pony I rode in Ireland looked like. Changed my life forever. 

Sonnet's first Wyoming winter.

Dallas on a break in the mountains. 

Sonnet, learning to enjoy the Wyoming winter. 

Me and Dallas, lovely ride and swim around Leigh Lake, Jackson Hole