Energetic, up-on-your-feet, one-hour workshops suitable and customized for grades K-8:

* Like My Pajamas? A Writer’s Life
* Interactive Readers Theatre

* Setting as Character
* The Surprising Faces in Your Story
* Revision and Tips for How to Never, Ever Quit

6TH GRADE TEACHER REVIEW OF Swing Sideways"I am a sixth grade teacher and found myself not being able to put Swing Sideways down. I would long for a few spare moments in my day where I could continue to join Annie and California on one of their adventures, or see how Annie was fairing with her relationship with her mom that summer. This text, in the classroom, lends itself nicely to teach myriad literary skills to students: theme, figurative language, author's word choice, voice, power, direct vs. indirect characterization... the list could go on and on. My students would also benefit from reading this novel and then using it as a mentor text for writing their own personal narratives. Suffice it to say that Swing Sideways serves as an exciting literary experience and a beneficial teaching tool. This engaging novel will be well-liked by a variety of grade levels because the characters are flawed and the story is relatable."

Georgia Rules received a *starred review from ALA Booklist. 

". . . this book soars as it details the fractious and frustrating relationship between Maggie and her mother, and the way it makes Vermont, and its beauty throughout the seasons, a character of its own. Along with the many tender moments here—some occurring as Delilah softens thanks to the affections of the two young Parker girls—there is also determination and revelation, giving this more heft than usual for a middle- grade novel."

2018 RATES

* Visits within 60 miles of Jackson, WY: $450/day which includes three one-hour sessions, plus student lunch with the author and book signing.
* Visits in WY outside the 60 mile radius of Jackson: $750/day plus mileage and accommodation if necessary.
* Out of state:  $1000 (plus travel expenses) for full day which includes up to four sessions, plus student lunch with the author, and      book signing. This cost can be split between two schools for half day visits on the same day.
* Skype visits: $250 for one hour presentation to include Q&A and bookmarks mailed after the event
* 15-20 Skype visits Q&A FREE

* Conference speaking fees: please contact me to discuss  




Finding funding to bring an author to your school.

More funding opportunities through grants.

* Creatve ways to bring an author to your school:

* Combine visits with another close by school. For example, an author will often do a half day at one school and a half day at another nearby and each school splits the cost of a full day.

* Crowdfunding is a popular way to raise money through organizations such as I give monthly to this for teachers who want to raise money for books and author visits to enhance their students experience.

* Most states have artist grants available. Check with your state library and speak to whomever is the school library consultant. 

* Buy copies of an author's books in bulk and sell before or during the visit and use the profits to fund the visit.

* Local public libraries often have funding available to bring in authors for local schools.

Just remember, the money is available, you just have to ask.

For authors wanting to learn about school visits, check out Kim Norman's super awesome site: Cool School Visits 



Click here to download my fifteen page School Visit Presentation Packet         

Click here to download a DISCUSSION GUIDE for SWING SIDEWAYS

Presentations include Q&A, plus an after visit discussion guide for teachers or librarians to use with their students, which follows the Common Core State Standards for English Language, and includes: Discussion Overview for Georgia Rules; Character Analysis Activity; Figurative Language Lesson; Readers Theatre Script 

"Nanci Turner Steveson presents a fabulous writing workshop to middle grade students. She connects with them immediately, engages them with movement and dance, and shares her own writing experience in a way that children can understand. After Nanci's worshop, my students were excited about writing and better understood how authors get ideas and develop meaningful stories and characters."  - Kathy Bjornstead, Sundance Elementary School Librarian

"Nanci Turner Steveson conducted two workshops in our school. The workshops were Character As Setting and Surprising Faces in Your Story. Nanci has a wonderful rapport with children. She was engaging, entertaining, knowledgeable, and had the room completely under control at all times. The students came away from the workshops so excited to write that the teacher's are going to let the students flesh out the stories they started during the workshops. I've had glowing reports from stud ents and teachers alike, and we would highly recommend Nanci for any venue where learning more about the writing process is desired." - Twila Pilcher CLSS, Hulett School Librarian