I am always surprised that readers want to know about me. While bewlidered, I am humbled to share a bit of my life with you.

I grew up in a large, loud family of six kids, which probably explains my love of hermitizing (a verb I made up, but needs no explaination). I moved between Connecticut, England and Texas, with a life-altering stop at age three in Ireland where I rode a pony the first time. I was that kid who walked around with my head in the clouds, a book in one hand, the reins of a pony in the other.

When I was 9, I read Black Beauty and remember after turning the last page, I knew someday I would be a writer. It took me 49 more years along an often twisty-turny path to make that dream come true but, even with many odds stacked against me, I did it. Yea!

After raising my two sons in Maryland, I moved to a historic meadow cabin in the shadow of the Teton mountain range in Jackson Hole, WY. I have two horses, two rescue dogs, and hoards of elk, moose, great gray owls and a few bears for neighbors.

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A Few Fun Facts

* I am a descendant of Richard Stockton, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independance.

* In England, I obsessed over Vivien Leigh's reading of Peter Rabbit so much, my weary older brother "accidentally" broke the 78 rpm record. Here's a snippet, recorded by Vivien Leigh (aka: Scarlett O'Hara):  Peter Rabbit 

* I fell in the Thames River when I was two

* I used to prop broomsticks across trash cans in our living room to make jumps so I could pretend to be a horse.

* My ancestors had an Underground Railroad safe house on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

* My mother was a concert pianist before she got married and had a passel of kids.

* As a teenager I rode my horse to the mall in Houston, TX, and tied her to a bush while I shopped.

* Almost every report card I ever got said, "Nanci could do so much better if she would only pay attention." 

* I am on the Board of Directors of the Jackson Hole Writers Conference, which sounds important but really means I get to go to fun meetings and eat pizza. 

* I can identify almost every flower, vine, bush, tree, or wild animal that grows or lives in the Bridger-Teton National Forest which is right outside my back door.

* I've had a wide variety of jobs from: florist; horse farm manager; snow shoveler; reading fairy; retail marketing manager; riding instructor; baby chicken caretaker; western wear store manager; stage manager; teen creative writing instructor; freelance writer for non-profits; dog sitter; author and Mom.

* The two jobs that make my heart swing sideways are the last two, author and Mom.

* Want to see some pictures of my horses? Click here:  Horses I Have Loved